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Ubuntu Software Updater – Not all updates can be installed

If you are a Ubuntu user, you have probably encountered the following message.

Ubuntu Software Updater – Not all updates can be installed.

The above error prevents Ubuntu from updating its Core and other installed software. The error message appears like this.

Ubuntu Software Updater - Not all pdates can be installed

The Partial Upgrade won’t upgrade the system to a new release. Open the Terminal window and run the follwing commands. Use the same order as below.

sudo apt update.
sudo apt dist-upgrade.

The dist-upgrade upgrades your installed software. It can change new version dependencies too. The smart conflict soluton attempts to upgrade the system to the most important packages. As a result of that, it is important to note that it may remove some packages.

Note that the dist-update command does not update Ubuntu Core files. To update the core files, please run the Software Updater again. Press Super-Key+A to open the application menu.

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I always recommend to refer decicated forums. The community is pretty responsive and helpful. You will get many of your questions answered in quick time.

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