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Things to consider before choosing WordPress Plugins

Thousands of WordPress plugins are out there of which many do the similar kind of job. At times It becomes really hard to choose the correct one for our website. We often get lost, specially the beginners! But there are certain guidelines we should follow in order to decide one that suits the best for our WordPress website.

Last Update

Plugins that are under continuous development, usually have a frequent Last Update date. This proves that the plugin author is very much focused towards their product. This adds more credibility to the plugin as well as you will feel much confident.

Active Installations

Number of active installations is really a key factor! This figure tells you how many unique websites are currently using this plugin. More the number, better the plugin is in terms of quality and performance.

PHP Version Compatibility

You might have noticed that some plugins report that they will not work on the currently installed PHP version. This is very important. Because older version of PHP will not be able to understand some commands and methods that are integrated in later versions of PHP. This might make you site extremely vulnerable to attacks. In such a situation, never install those plugins and search for similar plugins.

WordPress Version Compatibility

Before installing any plugin, don’t forget to check whether the plugin is compatible to the current WordPress version running on the website. However, it is not always a determining factor. For example of a plugin is compatible with WordPress version 5.9 and your site is running WordPress 5.9.3. At times, this could be ignored. But if the version difference is big, I won’r recommend installing that plugin.


As the word says, a rating always tells us the amount of trust people have on something. A combination of higher ratings and positive reviews is obviously one of the most important determining factors in choosing the right plugin!

Support Tickets

Check how many support tickets have been raised and of those how many have been resolved till date. If the differnt is big, don’t go with that plugin because it shows that the plugin author is not around or not very interested in solving issues.

Speed Check

Make this a habit of checking your website speed before and after installing and activating any plugin. If the speed of your site comes down considerable, even if not drastically, remove the plugin and search for a similar one. Online tools are out there to help you in checking your site speed. I have listed some of these tools below:

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