About Myself

I am a self starter and mostly a self taught web developer. I started my development career in 2005. Since then I have come acorss many different technologies and have experienced rapid changes in development world. Always love to learn new technologies. Traveling and photography are two other major activities I do in regular basis.

I give free computer training to a few school and college students and help them in thier project works.

 My Goal

I want to become a developer who has the power of thinking and taking decisions or to come up with acceptable suggestions. I also want to become a good team man, whom others in my team will easily rely and trust upon.




 Professional Career

I started my development career with application software for small local companies and organizations and from 2005 started web development as a freelancer. I used to grab projects from Freelancer (previously known as Rent-A-Coder and vWorker) and UpWork (previously known as Elance) and continued as a freelancer till 2011. During this period I also developed a few one-to-one projects like Health Across Borders, H-Street Guide and Revo Deals.

Since 2012 I am working with emfluence Digital Marketing, an esteemed Kansas City, US based organization. Besides regular development emfluence has given me the greatest opportunity to take part in several self-enrichment programmes like Learning and RnD-ing diferent technical areas, Contributing to WordPress, Organizing and doing regular Meetups, Attending WordCamp, Writing articles on web development, Providing training and helping others with web development etc. Such activities are boosting my confidence and enriching my knowledge everyday.


Since 2003 till 2005, I was doing software development before stepped into web technology in 2005. I started my web development career with Classic ASP and gradually moved in to ASP.NET. Besides Microsoft Technology, I also developed applicatons in core PHP, although it was not my primary working domain at the beginning.

I have recently stepped into WordPress and Drupal and have already fallen in love with both! Apart from regular development I also Contribute to WordPress Core and WordPress Community.

Platforms and Technologies

windows ASP.NET SQL Server Linux PHP MySql JSON Angular Angular Angular

Global Communities

Social Media